Monday, September 30, 2013

'Take on Me' : Volkswagen Riffs on the 80s

I generally avoid the 80s, but Volkswagen has harnessed the rolled-up blazer sleeves and the synth-y sounds of the decade with their new commercial featuring 1985's "Take on Me" by a-ha. Mid meeting, the guy in the commercial has dreamed himself into part of the song's original music video where he and his VW are in a black and white animation of a race. In the commercial, he escapes some bad guy fellow racers and gets to dance with a girl with appropriately poofy hair at the finish line. He's so lost in how great it apparently is to have a VW (and not pay for scheduled maintenance), that he doesn't realize he's been singing out loud. You have to watch/hear him hit that high note (if you've heard the song, you know what I'm talking about) to see why it's funny.... really though, check it out. It's the best edit I've seen in a while.

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