Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Led Zeppelin Talk to David Letterman

In what was the most squandered interview of the year, David Letterman sat down with fellow Kennedy Center Honorees, Led Zeppelin. Here's what went wrong:

+ Letterman referred to John Bonham as "your drummer." Really?
+ Letterman also lumped in Led Zeppelin with the British Invasion and asked if they (The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones) gigged together. No.
+ He then classified Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters as "obscure" blues artists.
+ And then asked Page, Plant, and Jones to help him out and describe their music.
+ Which is weird because apparently he's a fountain of information when it comes to discussing fracking.

So, it would appear that no research was done in prep for the interview, which is sad because Led Zeppelin doesn't exactly sit down with Barbara Walters every week. In any case, the whole affair was redeemed by two things: Jones' caustic wit and John Krasinski later on in the show ripping his dress shirt open to show off a Led Zeppelin t-shirt. God bless, man. Watch the mess here.

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