Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Fireflies" (The Week at Belmont Remix)

I never considered myself remotely musical or particularly funny, so the fact that I've had the chance to mess around with both of those things over the past year and half is nothing short of awesome, in my opinion. The most recent evidence? The Week at Belmont crew, with the help of friends, wrote, recorded and shot yet another parody video for the show. Last Spring we tackled "Tik Tok." This time around we turned our attention to "Fireflies" by Owl City. I'm proud of it, and definitely happy that I've got such great creative partners. They are badasses, the lot of them. Also, we're operating under the name Slander and Libel Records. Take a look!

Written by
Erin Carson and Cassidy Hodges

Erin Carson

Directed by
Cassidy Hodges

Produced and Engineered by
Aaron Dethrage

Cassidy Hodges - Vocals
Phil Feurtado - Drums
Ben Jones - Bass
Aaron Dethrage - Electric Guitar/Synth Programming
Lindsey Thompson - Piano/Harmony Vocals
Erin Carson - Harmony Vocals

Special Thanks
Kevin Heim
Phil Feurtado
Dustin Stout
Aaron Sievers
Brian Wilson

Also: The Pembro’s
Chris LePore
Cody Muller
Nate Martson
Max Shenfield
Jeff Arnold
Jens Jacobson
Logan Stoltzfus
Mike Lucarelli
Mike Quintana
Mitchell Jackson
Chris Zimmer
Dave Warnick
Joey Doyscher

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