Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stretch Your Face : Tobacco

Hip hop. Minimalist. Thrash. Labels cease to accurately describe anymore. Though if pressed, I'd classify "Stretch Your Face" by Tom Fec's (Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman) solo project Tobacco, just wicked, regardless of what their MySpace says.

Dirty electronic music is hard to describe. It can be difficult to pull apart what is an actual say, guitar, and what is some laptop-bred Caliban of an "instrument." Pitchfork reviewed Tobacco's sophomore album Maniac Meat, "Stretch Your Face" 's home if you will, and slung around phrases like "digital decay" and "rusty-hinged drum machines." The writer talked about lots of corrosion and fuzz, and was dead on.

It's odd that something described in such a way could be so absolutely infectious. "Stretch Your Face" has a machine-like quality that's weirdly groove-y. Bring in that random cool, female vocal and this song begs to played on loop.

Above I posted a link to a fan-made video. Can't say it does a whole lot to enhance the listening experience, but at least you get to hear it.

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