Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Broken Bells on Conan

Saw this post from Rolling Stone via Google Reader. Broken Bells (Danger Mouse and Shins' James Mercer) performed "The Ghost Inside" on Conan's new TBS show the other night.

For background, their self-titled album came out in the spring and I immediately got hooked on their song "The High Road."

Around that time they did a show with NPR's All Songs Considered and talked a lot about the strange instrumentation they used, like a bizzaro old mellotron, to create their ethereal, vaguely retro sound.

Not long after the release when they played South by Southwest, the All Songs crew was discussing how Broken Bells were going to tour and produce those sounds live– it sounded like that mellotron was on its last leg and they squeezed the remaining bit of life out of it.

I listened to the audio stream of the Broken Bells SxSW set and it sounded solid. Now several months later, we bring you video! Watch them pull it off.

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