Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rob Thomas Releases New Song

Early this morning, or really late last night depending on how you look at it, this little item rolled in from Billboard magazine's RSS feed. Rob Thomas has a new single entitled, "Her Diamonds." (Click the link to hear it streamed) It' good, very much in line with Thomas's first solo effort, Something to Be. It's got that same studio sheen. In retrospect, I think Matchbox Twenty was moving toward that sound especially after hearing More Than You Think You Are in 2003, but that ship kind of sailed, didn't it?

Back to the single though, Thomas uses what sounds like a toy piano, and the effect is intriguing. It's an interesting contrast, what sounds like a child's toy, but with a serious, mildly foreboding tone.

Thomas's latest, Cradlesong, will be available in stores June 30.

If you ask me, that took too long.

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