Friday, February 6, 2009

TMI Mini Mix no. 3

In case you didn't notice, I hit the blogosphere pretty hard last month, along with my iTunes library in general. The result? I'm totally sick of my music. All of it. That's really saying something, because I have a buttload, to use a scientific term, of music.

So, that poses a problem when the first of the month rolls around and I've got to put together the Mini Mix. What do I do if I can't stand anything I have? Answer: go completely random.

I've been dabbling in Animal Collective lately in an effort to get to know them, so this month I'm just going to pick five random Animal Collective songs and hope that March's Mini Mix will be extra inspired and extra fresh.

1. Purple Bottle
2. Banshee Beat
3. Peacebone
4. Leaf House
5. Grass

*Note: I make no guarantees. I judged solely on cool-sounding song titles. "My Girls" would have been included but iLike didn't have it. Sadness.

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