Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pale Young Gentlemen: "The Crook of My Good Arm"

While weeding through some new music, I found a single called "The Crook of My Good Arm" by a group from Madison, Wisconsin called Pale Young Gentlemen. The group is a five-piece deal, featuring a cellist which, incidentally, is in part why I'm mentioning them at all. Despite being from the midwest, Pale Young Gentlemen has got this Eastern European thing going on which is pretty intriguing. Think Gogol Bordello but to a lesser degree, definitely less wacky. Like I said, I think the usage of the cello (and some other strings) is somewhat responsible for the gypsy rock vibe. They sound unique without being gimmicky. You can check them out here, and I believe there's a free download somewhere on the page.

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