Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life in Technicolor II, No Strings Attached.

Coldplay as puppets. I wish I could have heard that pitch meeting.

Despite the seemingly misguided choice to turn the band members into Punch and Judy type dolls, the video is actually funny and endearingly self-effacing.

The song is "Life in Technicolor II" and the idea is that Coldplay puppets take over the small stage and turn it into a small scale epic arena concert complete with crowd surfing, pyrotechnics, retractable runway, and an exit via helicopter. It's ridiculous and great.

It's a creative, clever idea, certainly better than either of the "Viva la Vida" videos. The confusion on the faces of the children and parents watching is priceless.

The best part? Coldplay channels The Who and destroys the stage. You won't see that in the flesh. Take a look.

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