Friday, June 6, 2008

"Shout" it Out

A couple weeks ago I added a song to my "Inclined Toward" list called "Shout" by a band from Nashville called De Novo Dahl. After hearing that name floating around for a while, I finally got hold of this song just to see what they are about. While I can't really speak for the rest of the album-- Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound, "Shout" is a fun, punchy, cathartic little tune that is fairly relentless in its spunk. Feverish and starved from the get go, there's a certain urgency in this call for release and expression, "Oooooh, we have got to let you know-ooooh...that you have to shout!" After bobbing seamlessly from verse to chorus, it ends leaving you a little breathless, wanting to hit "repeat" for possibly the third time in a row. Check it out. For an extra bizarre kick, Youtube the video and say goodbye to your bad mood.

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