Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Week: Music on TV

It's been a pretty exceptional week for music on the TV. Here are a few of the highlights in case you've been spending your nights apart from the idiot box.

Dawes guest spot on NBC's "Parenthood"
Parenthood may have been one of the last shows you might think of when considering cool, taste-making soundtracks, but over the course of its run, the show has featured songs by The Avett Brothers, The Head and the Heart, and Josh Ritter to name a few. Last night, LA band Dawes made an appearance on the show as themselves.

Alabama Shakes play Conan
With debut album Boys and Girls on the way April 10, we can't wait to hear more from the Shakes. Until then, here's the video of their performance of "Hold On," plus a second song, "I Ain't the Same."

Austin City Limits airs Wilco performance
Popeye (see post below) was nowhere in sight, but Jeff Tweedy & Co. held it down pretty well. Check out the episode, which featured eleven songs from various albums. No doubt Olive Oyl was in the front row.

Watch Wilco on PBS. See more from Austin City Limits.

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