Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Streaming: Joseph Arthur's The Graduation Ceremony

Crap. Can't find my keys.

I found Joseph Arthur a few years back, just after graduating from high school. He had a new record out called Let's Just Be and Paste Magazine included a cut from it on one of their sampler CDs. It was "Diamond Ring," one of the first posts I wrote for this blog. Apparently, at the time I didn't think it was anything spectacular. Oh well.

In any case, Arthur surfaced again a few months ago when I came across 2002's "Honey and the Moon." That, my friends, is a fine song, especially for the line "If you weren't real, I would make you up." Satisfying sap. It's just begging to be painted on a picture frame, which is a fitting intersection with two points in life these days. For one, it has come to my attention that NPR is streaming his newest album "The Graduation Ceremony," and it happens that I just graduated from college.

I know. Freaky.

Anyway, I got to listen to the album last night. I think I may need to spin it again, so judgment withheld for now, but it's nice to know Arthur turns up every time I graduate. We'll see what he cooks up next year when I finish my master's.

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