Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The National Release Video for 'Conversation 16'

Actors from the television series Mad Men keep turning up in music videos. There was Christina Hendricks (the redhead with the pen) in the Broken Bells video, and now John Slattery (the infamous Roger Sterling) has turned up in The National's newest video for "Conversation 16" off of last Spring's High Violet.

It's a quirky little video. Kristin Schaal, from Flight of the Conchords and The Daily Show, plays the President and Slattery plays a Secret Service agent alongside front man Matt Berninger. Only, you quickly figure out that Slattery has got a thing for Madame President.

It's weird and funny. And of course, this is the song that has the best lyric I heard all year: "I think the kids are in trouble." Fantastic. Check it out above.

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