Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crossfire : Brandon Flowers

Let me see if I can explain this. So, Charlize Theron rescues Brandon Flowers, who's bloodied and tied up in this warehouse, but he's dressed like he just escaped from the 1890s, which is weird because she's dressed like Lara Croft. Did I mention the ninjas? Every story needs villains, I guess. Anyway, so there are ninjas, but Theron is such a b.a. that she beats them, three times in a row. How Flowers keeps getting abducted, I don't know. You'd think if Theron was that good at rescuing him, she'd be pretty adept at protecting him too. After all the trouble and sweat, the two share a dramatic glance as Flowers sort of smiles at her, but she just stares back. And at the end? They hop in her truck and drive (Flowers in the passenger seat, p.s.) off into the... urban decay, or something.

I'm sure there's a deeper, girl-power-type analysis in there, but the ninjas were too distracting.

Anyhoodle, all I know is that this song isn't bad and didn't dissuade me from wanting to purchase the album when it comes out on September 14.

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