Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Years Go By and I Still I Think of Random Car Commcericals

Early this decade, there was a commercial that showed a car full of twenty-somethings cruising around some city at night, grooving along to a really infectious, pulsating song. I thought it was cool. It felt young.

This morning, I was listening to NPR's All Songs Considered podcast. This particular episode centered around defining the decade and one of the contributors mentioned a song that really grabbed him in 2002, mainly because of its video. They played a clip and I had a 'holy crap, it's that song!' moment.

So, here's "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas. I don't know anything about the band. I barely even remembered the song, let alone knew the title. Random, right?. Check it out.

Click me!

Also, here's the commercial I was talking about. Not as cool as I remember. Pretty sure my folks thought it was really annoying. Anyway, enjoy.

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aaron.dethrage said...

Trolling your blog and I stumbled across this. I've got another version of this somewhere that I really enjoy, and I thought I'd find it and share it with you.

Take care, EC.