Friday, August 7, 2009

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring to Release LP

Yesterday afternoon I decided to check in with one of my favorite obscure bands, Their Hearts Were Full of Spring, via MySpace visit. Much to my surprise, THWFOS is set to release their first full length album, How I Wasted My Youth, on Aug. 10th-- just a few days from now. It looks like they've got the entire album streaming on their MySpace, including that handful of songs from last summer when I first found them. Yep, those are on the album too.

Aside from the album release itself, the band is holding a contest where folks can remix St. Cecilia and win a spot on the B side of their next single. Mmmm... viral marketing. Mostly anything you want to know regarding what they're cooking up, you can find on their blog.

Apparently the album can be purchased from Marketstall Records. No idea if that applies internationally. It is available to pre-order from Amazon for $18.99.

Check out the track listing below.

01. Take Your Own Good Advice
02. A Question of Trust
03. In the Future Everything Will be Made of Light
04. New Favourite Band
05. Interlude
06. Record Breaker
07. Fire Eyes
08. I Saw The Lights Go Out
09. A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
10. St. Cecilia
11. All my troubles stemmed from there
12. My Big Test
13. The End

Look for a full review sometime soon.

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